Disable zend server

If you want to use the Basebox without Zend Server, that is very possible. There are some tips and tricks on how you can achieve this.

Overwriting defaults

In this example we will be using Vanilla instead of Zend Server. To disable Zend Server we need to override some default config files. Once those are overriden by your default files, Zend Server should no longer get installed.

  • ./[dev/salt/]pillars/defaults/phpfpm.sls
phpfpm: ~
  • ./[dev/salt/]pillars/defaults/vhosting.sls
    webserver: nginx
    webserver_edition: vanilla

Installing php-cli

Without the Zend Server package, no PHP command line interface is installed. We need to add this manually. The Basebox installation includes the installation of composer, it is important that we add the php-cli module before we install the composer package. To do so, add the following to your ./[dev/salt/]states/custom.sls:

    - pkgs:
      - php5-cli
    - require_in:
      - cmd: get-composer
      - cmd: install-composer

Build the box

If you already built your box before, you might want to remove your box and make sure you have a clean start.

vagrant destroy

If you're ready to give it another go, run

vagrant up

After everything installed successfully you should be running a web-server without Zend Server.